The Baby

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The Baby

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Authior: Anonymous

I will start this story with a little background of my earlier years. I was an only child born to a single mother; my father I never knew he left as soon as he found out my mother was pregnant. I grew up in a small village. I was a late developer when it came to pants wetting etc, and was not potty trained during the day until after my fourth birthday. It was actually eight months after my fourth birthday that I was allowed to wear underpants all day for the first time. Until that time diapers and plastic baby pants was my normal attire. Even though my mom would sit me on the potty every morning, and again after lunch for what seemed like hours I could never it seemed manage to do anything. Or so my mom told me in later years. I only have a vague recollection of these events, though my memory has a perfect picture of some things that happened during my toddler and somewhat later years.

Of course my transition from diapers to normal underwear was only during the day, at night I still had to wear the dreaded diapers and plastic pants, put simply, my baby clothes as my mother used to call them. Each evening at on, or about 6.30pm my mom would take me upstairs to undress in my bedroom. I would then go for my shower and on my return; my diapers would ready and waiting on my bed. She would have me lie on the pile while she powdered and put a diaper rash cream on my nether regions. Then expertly pin on the diapers, usually three of them, two folded normally and one folded in three down the middle for extra protection. My plastic pants, of which I had many pairs were usually the translucent pull on type, designed for older children. Once these were over the diaper and all those loose edges tucked in, mom would put on my pyjamas. As my body grew, it always seemed that my pyjamas would be a size or so too small for me, and with three diapers underneath the baby bulge was clearly evident to anybody and everybody. Once I was dressed I was allowed to go downstairs and watch some more television, for an hour or so. Eight o’clock was my bedtime and this was not unusual for a child of five, however I had to wear diapers at night up until after my fourteenth birthday, unfortunately for me the eight o’clock curfew still came into effect even at that age. One thing that I never dared admit but secretly liked was the baby’s pacifier fastened with a ribbon to my bed head. Each evening after mom had left I would slip it into my mouth and suck on it contentedly. It was not unusual for me to be still sucking on it in the morning when mom came to get me up. It somehow made me feel secure, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.

Many times during this period of my life my baby like state was seen by friends and family, I am sure this contributed to my still wearing diapers at fourteen. However there are a few instances where the memories are forever burned into my subconscious.

One time when I was Eight, my mom’s sister Janice came to visit with her three children. It would be the same sister and children who make my life a misery and whom I would be staying with in the future, however I digress.

There was Mark her only boy, who was at that time four years old and her twin daughters Alice and Kate who were five, three years younger than me.

My mother was a good person for the most part; she would not smack me for wetting my bed though she used to tell me off quite a bit, though I do not remember her raising her voice very often in the early years anyway. Her worst trait in my opinion however is that no matter what the circumstances were, she would not veer from our normal and everyday routine. So when Mark, Alice and Kate came to visit that particular day and happened to stay longer than was their custom, I was hoping that as we were all playing together the six thirty shower time would be forgotten. Unfortunately for me that was not the case. At twenty-five minutes to seven my mother told me to go up for a shower, my heart sank, as I knew what that meant. I tried to plead my case telling her that we were all playing nicely, not making too much noise etc, etc. My argument fell on deaf ears however and I was told in no uncertain terms to go up for my shower. I begrudgingly complied, knowing what was to follow. After showering, which was by design an unusually long and drawn out affair I returned to my room. To my dismay not only was my mother waiting for me but Alice and Kate were there also, they were alternately staring at me, the baby’s pacifier fastened to my bed and the white fluffy diaper laid out on my bed ready for me to wear that evening. My mother removed the towel from my waist exposing my tiny set of genitalia and without saying any thing laid me on top of the diaper.

Not a word was said; the only thing you could hear was the quiet sniggering from Alice and Kate as my diaper was securely pinned at my hips, and my almost silent sobbing. Once the plastic pants were in place and my pyjamas put on we all went back down stairs, my mother to resume her discourse with her sister and myself to wallow in shame in front of her children.

It was the first but not the last time that Mark, Alice and Kate would see me dressed in diapers and plastic baby pants, but the shame of that first time will last forever. Once we kids were alone the two girls thrilled in the fact that a child three years their senior was still wearing diapers. I remember that Kate asked me, ‘what it was like to be dressed in baby clothes when you are eight years old’. And ‘ do you wet your diaper like a baby every night?’

Those words even at eight years old will stay with me for a long time. I could not answer her I just hung my head in shame, as it was true, the diaper bulge in my pyjamas proved just that. It was not long before my mother came to tell me it was bedtime; it was earlier than normal the clock in the living room read only half past seven. I was in no mood to argue; in fact the quicker I could get out of there on that particular evening the better as far as I was concerned. I lay in bed thinking about what had happened, I could hear the other children still playing, laughing and carrying on, I started to cry, and eventually sobbed myself to sleep.

After this particularly abhorrent part of my life, I started to have the occasional daytime accident in my pants again. It was not all that often, maybe once or twice a week or so. Unfortunately this trait would stay part of my life for many years to come. At that time, mom did not make me wear diapers during the day, but threatened to do so on many an occasion.

I had turned ten years old in July, though you wouldn’t know it mom told me I could still pass for an eight-year old. It was now the following April, Easter time in fact. Mom announced that we were to go and stay with another one of her relations, Sandra a cousin of hers. They lived and worked on a farm, which would have been great, if I did not wet my bed every night. I did not want to go and told mom so. Mom was insistent, in the end I did not have a choice, as there was nobody near by that mom would trust to look after me.

We were on a four-week break from school, her cousin lived in my ten-year-old brain, almost on the other side of the world; it was actually about an eleven-hour drive. Still it was a long way and mom decided to leave just on dusk, so as to beat the traffic. Mom spent most of that day preparing and packing for the trip, while I was playing down the park with Jimmy a school friend of mine. Eventually came the time for us to leave, I was excited even though I did not really want to go. We set off at about 7.00pm and made good time for the next few hours or so mom said any way. At about ten o’clock we stopped at a rest area for something to eat etc. We locked and left the car in the parking area, mom was carrying a large shoulder bag the significance of this escaped me at first. Firstly we went to eat I ordered a Cheeseburger with fries and a large Coke, while mom just had coffee and a muffin. After eating mom said it was time to leave as we still had a very long way to go, and we had better get going. We went out the back towards the rest rooms; mom surprised me by taking me into the baby’s change room, it was then that the significance of the shoulder bag hit me. I said, ‘no mom please no diapers not tonight,’ she replied, ‘Tony I am afraid that if you fall asleep you will wet your pants in the car, surely you are not going to stay awake all night, are you?’ With that she lifted me onto a change table and started to remove my trousers and underwear. I heard the door open and in walked a lady with a baby who was I suppose about 2 years old, that was bad enough but what worse was the fact she had brought along her older daughter, who was about my age. Mom never faltered, she just carried on like it was the most normal thing in the world to be putting a diaper onto a ten, nearly eleven year old boy. The young girls bottom jaw dropped, she was totally flabbergasted as she witnessed this event. Mom folded the triple fluffy white diaper and slid it under my bottom; it was pinned at the hips as usual, and on went the plastic baby pants. She then removed my shirt and retrieved from the bag my ‘Teddy bear’ print pyjamas. I had two sets of these, and I really hated them, as they made me look more like a baby than the diaper bulge at my waist. At that stage I just wanted to get out of there so Teddy Bear print or not I just wanted something to cover the shameful diaper fastened around my body. Mom lifted me down and as we were leaving the young girl said to me, ‘bye, bye you big baby, he, he he’.

I could hear her mother admonishing her as the change room door closed.

We walked back to the car, well mom walked I sort of waddled back, the diapers thickness holding my legs apart, I could not wait for mom to get that car door open. As I was standing there waiting, the girl and her mother were returning to their vehicle, she could not help herself I suppose, and again I quite clearly heard, ‘bye bye baby.’

Once in the car mom retrieved another item from the bag, it was my pacifier still attached to the pink ribbon, she held it out and I pretended to reluctantly take it and put it in my mouth. To my surprise mom said, 'don’t worry Tony, I know that you like it, I see you sucking it every night.' With that she looped the ribbon around my neck. The rest of the journey was lost to me as I was soon fast asleep. When I opened my eyes it was already light and it took me a few seconds to familiarize myself with the surroundings. I remembered the thick diaper between my legs, and as usual it felt very wet, very wet indeed. I spat out the pacifier still attached to the ribbon that mom had placed around my neck, it hung there on my chest still wet from my saliva. Mom announced that we were only ten minutes away, she seemed happy at that, I wasn’t. I asked her if she would take the diaper off, she replied with a question of her own, ‘are you wet, Tony,’ I stammered, ‘I think so mom.’ ‘Well,’ she said ‘you will just have to wear it until we get there then won’t you.’ Silence accompanied us for the rest of the journey, which did not take long. My mom’s cousin Sandra, her husband and family came out to meet us as we crunched our way up their driveway. It had been such a long time since we had seen them that her kids who I remember as small children, were now grown up, in my eyes. Sandra had four children two boys, and two girls their ages now, ranged from eight through fourteen, the two girls being the oldest.

Mom got out of the car first and went to greet the family, of course I did not move, as I knew that the secret between my legs would soon be revealed. After kissing them all mom returned to our car to get me. I knew there was no use fighting it, so when asked to get out, I complied, admittedly without too much haste. The conversation stopped as I alighted from the car, my diaper was obviously very wet, and the bulge in my PJ’s must have been sagging almost to my knees. The four children started to laugh as they noticed my babyish state. I looked down and the diaper bulge was most prominent, nobody in the whole wide world could have mistaken it for anything other than bulging baby wear, of course the pacifier around my neck did not help matters either. Mom was explaining to them that I still wet my bed and needed to wear diapers every night that of course, did naught to alleviate my sorry predicament.

We were to stay at Sandra’s house for ten days, I of course would have been happy to return home right from the start. My night time routine was not changed one bit during that time, other than the fact my mother put on my diapers on the lounge room floor on a couple of occasions, much to the delight of Sandra’s children, especially the girls. The second day of our visit I wet my pants, great I thought that’s all I need right now. We were playing in their barn among the hay bails and cattle feed bins, hide and seek was the game if I remember correctly. It just happened as it always did, one minute I am dry as a bone the next, soaked right down to my knees, no warning, nothing. The girls took me back to the house and informed my mother that I had just wet myself, much to my horror one of the girls suggested that I should wear a diaper during the day, as well as at night. In response to this, I could actually see mom mulling it over, Oh no I thought, not that please. Nothing came of it at that time thankfully, mom just changed me into clean pants, and sent me back out to play.

The next day Sandra, her husband and mom decided to go into town to do some shopping, and then go for a meal, we were told they would be home around 6.30 or so. We kids were to be left on our own, to play or whatever, Katherine the oldest of the two girls at fourteen, was to look after us.

All was going well we were alternating between cartoons on television and playing outside, I was actually enjoying myself for the first time since we had got there. Sandra and my mom had prepared lunch for us before they left different types of sandwiches and plenty of Cola. I was hungry and thirsty and consumed as much as any one else, even Katherine who was fourteen. A while later we were all playing in the barn again, it wasn’t hide and seek this time, the name of the game I cannot remember. The rest of the afternoon and the days following though I will never forget. It was about three o’clock when I told the others I had to go and pee, Katherine asked if I could stay and finish the game, ‘we won’t be long,’ she said, like a fool I complied. Not more than a minute had gone by when the two girls grabbed me and forced me to the floor. They pulled my arms around my back and tied my wrists with bailing string. They lifted me up and fastened a rope around my chest and secured me to one of the roof supports that held up the barn. I pulled as hard as I could, to try to loosen the knots but they had made a good job of it, I was helpless and at their mercy. They were all laughing at me and calling me names, it was not until then I realised that during the commotion I had already wet my pants, soaked them in fact. The pee stain was down to my knees and I never even realised that I had done it. They then left me there tied to the post, again I tried to escape but couldn’t loosen the knots. After what seemed like hours they returned, not long before I had wet my pants again, this time I realised it was happening but could do nothing to stop it. It must have around six o’clock, Katherine removed the rope securing me to the post and my hands were untied, she told me it was time to go up to the house. Once there she took me to the bathroom and I let her remove my clothes including my wet and smelly trousers. She ran me a bath and let me get in, I mistakenly thought she felt a little sorry for me. While I was washing my self I heard Sandra’s car come up the driveway, quickly I finished bathing, got out and started to dry off, I intended to tell mom what had happened during the afternoon. It was then that I heard raised voices coming from the lounge room, mom came into the bathroom looking flushed. ‘What have you done,’ she asked. ‘How could you not only wet your pants like the baby you are, but to do it all over Sandra’s new sofa as well.’ I stammered, ‘what do you mean,’ I haven’t wet the sofa, I have not even sat on it.’ Mom took me by the hand and almost dragged me into the living room; there on the new sofa was an enormous wet stain. ‘Then what do you call that then,’ my mother asked, ‘I didn’t do that,’ I implored, ‘it was not me it must have been one of the other kids, ask them,’ I said. Katherine spoke up for the first time saying, ‘it was definitely Tony, I saw him do it, look here are the pants he was wearing.’ She held up a pair of my shorts they were wet for sure, but I hadn’t even taken them out of my case let alone wore them. She must have donned them herself and then purposely wet in them. Katherine went on to say, ‘that’s not the only accident he’s had today, check out his trousers in the bathroom, they are soaked as well.’ She asked for conformation from the others, they all nodded in agreement. I was doomed and knew it, one word against four others wasn’t going to work, so I gave up.

Mom disappeared, she soon returned though carrying my baby clothes. This was one of those nights when my diapers were put on, right there on the lounge room floor. I was sent straight to bed, once there I pondered on the past six hours, I slipped the pacifier into my mouth and again I started to cry it seemed that the whole world was against me. The next morning mom came into my room to get me up, I was already awake but pretended not to be. She came and sat on my bed, and slowly stuck her fingers into the waistband of my pyjamas and down inside my plastic pants. ‘Wet as usual,’ I heard her mumble. She slowly shook my shoulder to wake me, I opened my eyes and mom pulled down the bedclothes. I got out of bed spat out the pacifier and started to remove my pyjamas, as per normal. ‘Not yet,’ mom said, ‘lets go and get some breakfast first.’ This confused me, as mom had always removed my wet diapers before breakfast in the past.

She put the pacifier back into my mouth, took me by the hand and led me to the dining room. The other kids were already there as was Sandra, who still looked non-too pleased. My soaked diapers were sagging in my pyjamas it was obvious that I had wet myself. I sat down at the table and realised the pacifier was still in my mouth, I once again spat it out, it hung there around my neck on the pink ribbon, for all the world to see.

Once breakfast was over mom told me to go and watch some cartoons for a while, so still in my wet diapers I waddled over to the lounge room. I thought it best that I did not attempt to sit on Sandra’s new sofa, even though I knew it wasn’t me that soaked it, so I sat on the floor with the two boys. Not much later mom came into the lounge room carrying what I knew to be a fresh load of diapers; I could see a clean pair of plastic pants sticking out from the pile. Before I had chance to say anything mom laid me down on the lounge room floor, lifted my bottom and placed a plastic coated changing pad under me. ‘What’s going on, ‘ I stammered. Mom replied, ‘I’m sorry about this Tony but it’s for the best, trust me.’ With that she pulled down my pyjama bottoms and started to remove the soaked diapers and plastic pants. Of course by this time all the other kids had come to watch the events unfold, though I am sure they knew exactly what was to happen.

Once my baby clothes had been removed mom took a wash cloth and thoroughly cleaned my diaper area, I lay there watching the other kids sniggering as mom folded the clean diapers and placed them under my bottom and then pinned them securely at my hips. Mom then slid the plastic baby pants up to my hips, then stood me up to get them the rest of the way up. Once all the loose edges had been tucked in, she removed my pyjama top and replaced it with one of my Tee shirts. Mom replaced the pink ribbon attached to my pacifier around my neck. She had me step into a pair of my shorts but they would not fit over the baby bulge so she pulled them back off. Katherine said that she would try and find me something to wear and with that she scampered off to who knows where. Mom left me there in just a Tee shirt and diaper, I sat back down totally ashamed by this stage.

A little while later Katherine returned with a pair of what must have been a pair of her shorts. They were grey in colour and very short even for me. The leg openings were massive it seemed, they must have been a pair of her sports shorts. Katherine had me stand up, I had to place my hands on her shoulders for balance to step into them, not unlike a baby. She pulled them up to my waist, they were tight at the waist and hips and very loose at the legs, I could feel that the leg bands of my plastic pants were protruding out of the leg holes of the shorts. I sat back down and looked at myself, even from where I was looking I could see the translucent plastic poking out. The shorts also had a very narrow crutch area; it was only about 2 inches wide, whereas the crutch width of my plastic pants must have been 5 inches at least. If I leaned forward I could actually see the white folds of my fluffy diaper protruding as well as the plastic baby pants.

Katherine asked my mom if it would be ok for me to go out and play, she said it was all right so we all went outside, myself reluctantly and went down to the barn. Katherine took me to one side and said pointedly, ‘Tony we all know that it is just attention you want by still wetting your bed every night, well now you will have all the attention you want during the day as well.’ She went on to say, ‘I am sorry for setting you up but it will turn out for the best you will see.’ Somehow I knew that it might be the best for them, but it certainly wouldn’t be the best for me. Katherine put the pacifier into my mouth and said, ‘you take that out and you will be really sorry, do you understand baby.’ I nodded my head and she grinned. Not more than an hour had gone by when I felt the urge to poop, not real bad but it was getting there. I returned to the house to ask mom to use the toilet, Sandra told me she had gone back to bed for a while, she had a migraine I was told. So I asked Sandra if she could remove my diaper for me to do number two’s. ‘Certainly not,’ she replied, ‘you are in diapers for a reason young man so you use them for their purpose.’ ‘In other words you can damn well do it in your diapers, now go away and leave me alone.’ As I turned miserably to leave she added, ‘and don’t you dare try to take off that diaper, do you hear me,’ she hollered. ‘Yes Sandra,’ I replied meekly. I went back down to the barn remembering to put the pacifier back in my mouth before I got there. Katherine asked where I had been, I spat out the pacifier and told her that I had been to see mom, she did not pursue the matter, instead she put the pacifier back into my mouth and told me in no uncertain terms not to take it out again.

Not long later it happened I just could not hold it any more, it seemed to last for ages it felt like a big load even for a ten year old. Very soon I could smell the aroma drifting up from my diaper, of course it was not long later that the other children could smell it also. Katherine asked me pointedly, ‘have you shit yourself Tony?’ ‘It sure smells like it.’ Of course I denied it. Katherine came up to me and roughly turned me around so I was facing away from her, she grabbed the waistband of the shorts, plastic pants and diaper all at the same time. She pulled them outwards to look inside; of course she immediately saw my mess inside the diaper. ‘Well, well,’ she said, ‘it looks like the baby really needs his diapers, doesn’t it.’ ‘Phew’ she said, it sure stinks as well.’ She then put her hand down the front of the diaper and announced, ‘he’s pissed himself as well.’ This news came as a shock as I had not realised that my diaper was wet, I had no recollection of peeing in it. Katherine grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to sit down, I could feel the poop spreading inside the diaper up my back and around on to my tiny genitals. Katherine then lifted me back up, took hold of my hand and led me up to the house, she announced as we walked through the door that I was both wet and messy. As luck would have it mom was up; she told Katherine that she would take care of it. Mom led me to the bedroom and laid out the changing pad, my shorts were pulled down exposing the wet and shit stained diaper under my plastic pants. Mom took them off and proceeded to clean my bottom with wipes. As she was doing so she said, ‘you know what Tony, this wetting is getting of hand, I don’t understand how a boy of your age can still be wetting and messing his pants?’ ‘I think it’s about time we did something about it,’ she went on to say. This sent waves of anxiety pulsing through my veins, what could she mean I thought? I was soon to find out. Once I was cleaned up she went to get another load of diapers and a clean pair of plastic pants, very soon as I was dressed in my baby clothes once again, including Katherine’s ridiculous shorts and the pacifier around my neck. Mom went to the bathroom to rinse out my dirty diapers, on her return she told me that we I needed some diaper liners, as the stains were difficult to remove. Mom announced that we would go to town and get some that very afternoon. That of course sent shudders of dread through my body, as I had never been out during the day dressed in diapers for a long time. I asked her if I had to go with her, she replied, ‘of course you do in fact we can all go, we can get some lunch while we are there as well, my treat.’ Sandra went down to the barn to get the other children and not long later we were ready to go. I feigned a stomach ache to try and get out of it, but mom would not fall for that. She told me emphatically that I was going to town with the rest of the family no matter how sick I was. Before leaving mom took hold of the pacifier and placed it between my lips, ‘you are to suck on that Tony, and DO NOT THINK ABOUT TAKING IT OUT UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD!’ She said.

We were all to go in Sandra’s car; it was a four-wheel drive well big enough for the six of us. We were loaded in the car two mothers in front, and the children in the back. It was not a long way to the shopping center, about a fifteen-minute drive. Once there mom came to the back of the car and lifted me out, all the other kids clambered out after us. Thankfully mom removed the pacifier from around my neck and put it in the diaper bag, Katherine was obviously disappointed at this turn of events. Mom decided it would be a good idea to go to

K-Mart first, Sandra agreed. On entering the store mom grabbed a shopping trolley, without saying a word mom lifted me up and placed me in the baby seat, it was a fairly tight fit but I was small for my age and she got me in without too much trouble. Of course sitting in this position wearing those ridiculous shorts, my diaper and plastic pants could plainly be seen sticking out of the leg openings. Off we went down the isles; Katherine was pushing the trolley. At first it seemed that nobody noticed my nappied state, it wasn’t to last however. Katherine saw some of her school friends, she pushed me in their direction so she could talk with them. One of the girls noticed my diaper straight away, and said to Katherine, ‘is he wearing a diaper, how old is he?’ Katherine replied, ‘he’s nearly eleven, and yes that’s a diaper he’s wearing.’ The other girl asked, ‘do you think he is wet, if he is maybe his mom would let us change him.’ Katherine poked her fingers inside the leg band of my plastic pants to check. ‘Oh he’s wet alright, let’s go and ask his mom,’ she replied. This came as a shock as I had no recollection of needing to pee, or of wetting my diaper. Katherine left me sitting in the trolley and went some way down the isle, to talk to mom. My heart sank as a short time later she returned carrying the diaper bag. ‘Right,’ said Katherine, ‘lets go and change the baby.’

We headed out of the store, of course the female security guard insisted on looking in the diaper bag, while she was doing this she noticed my nappied state and smiled. Katherine explained, ‘we are just going to change the baby, we won’t be long.’ With that we were off to find the baby change station, it didn’t take long and soon we were inside. Myself, Katherine and her three friends. There were two other mothers in there already so we had to wait for a change table, it wasn’t long before one came available. Katherine lifted me out of the trolley and onto the table, soon the shorts were around my ankles exposing my diaper and plastic pants. Katherine with the help of one of her friends changed my wet diaper, replacing it with a not so professionally folded clean one. They eventually managed to get it all back inside my still damp plastic pants, and to get the shorts back on. Very soon I was in the trolley and heading back to K-Mart. The security guard again smiled as we went past her back onto the store. Katherine’s friends headed off and we went back towards mom, she asked Katherine if everything was all right, totally ignoring me. Katherine told her that it was hard to get the cloth diapers on me, and suggested we get some disposables, mom thought that was a good idea. She said, ‘It would, make things easier for his daytime changes, wouldn’t it.’ So we all headed for the baby section. Mom was perusing the diaper section, obviously not sure which type to get, when a young female stores assistant came over and asked if she needed any help. She looked about sixteen. Mom said, ‘I am trying to find some diapers suitable for my little boy,’ the assistant looked around, not sure which little boy she meant. Mom looked pointedly at me, and said, ‘this little boy here.’ The assistant then noticed my diaper and plastic pants sticking out of the shorts and replied, ‘oh I see.’ ‘A little old for diapers isn’t he,’ she went on to say. I noticed that she trying hard not to laugh. He then said, ‘well lets see what we can find for him, is he a heavy wetter, or is it just a dribble?’ ‘He’s a very heavy wetter,’ mom replied. The assistant picked up a pack of extra small size ‘Tena Maxi’ slips, and said, ‘try these, they are for heavy wetters.’ Mom took them from her, said thank you and put them into the trolley. ‘Bye,’ the assistant said, ‘and good luck with your little boy.’ She walked off down the isle with an obvious smirk on her face.

At this stage I was so stunned with the turn of events, that I had nothing at all to say. Mom was pushing the trolley down the isle and on the way she picked up several more items, including two more pacifiers, a baby bottle with some large size teats, a pack of large baby bibs, and some diaper liners, powder, creams and lotions. At the check out, the young lady was checking the prices and putting the items into bags, she asked, ‘where’s your baby, have you left him in the car?’ Mom said, ‘no here he is right here,’ she pointed at me and looked down at my diaper. The assistant followed her gaze, smiled and said, oh that’s the baby is it?’ ‘I was just wondering’.

We visited quite a few more stores; it seemed like we were going around for hours. Mom then said we should go for some lunch, Sandra picked out a nice looking place. Before we went into the Café mom checked my diaper and with a frown on her face said, he’s wet again, let me go and change him before we have lunch.’ Of course Katherine wanted to come with us, why was I not surprised at that. So it was back to the same change station, Katherine knew the way of course. As before I had no recollection of wetting my diaper and it was really soaked, I must have peed more than just once. Mom removed my shorts; my diaper must have leaked, as the shorts were wet right up the back. Mom rolled them up and stuffed them in the diaper bag. She proceeded to remove my wet diaper and plastic pants, she put them inside a plastic bag and they then followed my shorts. Mom then opened the packet of disposables from the trolley, took one out and slipped it under my bottom. She let Katherine apply the powder; while she was doing so the door opened and in walked a mother with her baby, and teenage daughter. The girl looked at me lying there on a baby’s change table getting my diaper changed, she burst out laughing, even her mom looked surprised at the state I was in. My mom never missed a beat she carried on, taping the diaper in place as if this was the most normal thing in the world. She retrieved a clean pair of plastic pants from the bag and slipped these over the disposable. ‘All finished,’ she said and lifted me down from the change table and took me by the hand, ‘what about my pants,’ I wailed. ‘You just wet those, didn’t you, and you have no spare ones,’ mom replied. She took a firmer hold of my hand and almost dragged me out of the door, wearing just a Tee shirt, diaper, plastic baby pants. For good measure she fumbled inside the diaper bag and came out holding my pacifier attached to the pink ribbon. This she placed over my head, the pacifier was pushed into my mouth.

We had to walk back to the Café through a crowded shopping center and almost everybody turned to stare, some kids around my age or older were following us, chanting ‘look at the baby, look at the diaper boy,’ over and over. It was, without any fear of contradiction the worst day of my whole life. Once back at the Café we all went inside mom asked the waitress as we were walking to the table, for a high chair. The waitress was in no doubt whom it was for, as she could not take her eyes off my diapers. I was lifted into the high chair; the waitress was waiting to take our order. Mom was looking in the shopping bags for something, she came out with the baby bottle. She handed it to the waitress and asked if she could fill it with warm milk? The waitress disappeared and returned a short time later with the baby bottle. While she was gone mom got one of the baby’s bibs from the shopping bags, and tied it around my neck. When the waitress returned mom took the bottle from her, said thank you and then after removing the pacifier from my mouth, she inserted the baby bottle. She told me to start sucking, I did as I was told, I did not think mom was in any mood to be disobeyed. The two women ordered, I have no recollection of what the others had but mom ordered me a stew of some description, which when it arrived mom fed to me. Once lunch was finished mom replaced the pacifier in my mouth, she didn’t even bother to say don’t take it out. I knew the drill by now, and mom sure was in a foul mood, looking at the expression on her face.

That day seemed to last forever and it was the worst day of my life thus far, eventually the shopping trip ended and we headed back to the car. For the rest of our stay I was to wear diapers the whole time, mom only allowed me to sit on the toilet after breakfast to try and do my number two’s. I am pretty sure that like me she couldn’t stand the smell and the mess of changing me. I traveled home from there in diapers and was made to wear them for the rest of the school holidays.

During my first week back at school I wet pants on three different occasions. The last time it happened was on the Friday morning, before leaving for home that afternoon my teacher Miss Graham handed me a letter asked if I could pass it on to mom. Of course I thought nothing of it and did so. On Saturday morning mom came into my room and checked my diaper and it was wet, as was the usual these days. She got me out of bed and we went down for breakfast, this had been our normal routine since we arrived back from our trip. After breakfast mom told me to go and sit on the toilet, I did so and managed to force out a number two, mom then sent me to wash. I showered and then after dying myself I returned to my room. To my surprise mom a disposable diaper laid out waiting for me. I said, ‘oh mom not during the day again, I promise I will be dry, I promise.’ ‘Well she said you have wet yourself three times this week at school, so I thought, just as a precaution you can wear one over the weekend. I knew it was no use arguing, so I laid down on top of the diaper. Mom soon had it on along with a pair of my plastic pants, this time she found a pair of shorts that fit over the dreaded baby clothes. When I looked in the mirror I could still see the diaper bulge but it wasn’t as bad as those silly shorts I was made to wear at Sandra’s house. Saturday came and went, and it was much the same up to lunchtime on Sunday. Mom would check my diaper every couple of hours or so and change me if I was wet. On Sunday afternoon I heard a knock on the door I wondered who it could be. I went and hid in my bedroom in case it was somebody I knew. As I was running to my room I felt the diaper sagging between my legs, wet again I thought.

Very soon I could hear voices downstairs and felt sure some of them were children’s voices, I was hoping that it would go quiet down there, then at least I would know that whoever had called in on us had gone. It was not to be however, mom called me to come down, I ignored her for a while hoping that the people would go away. In the end she came up to get me. ‘Guess who is here,’ she said, ‘is auntie Janice and the children, come on down and say hello.’ Mom took hold of my hand just as Alice and Kate came into my room; I was about to tell her that I was wet and needed changing, on seeing them I changed my mind real quick. We went down stairs I was ushered into the spare room with the other children. Both Alice and Kate were now 7 ½ years old and quite grown up for their age; Alice especially would have been only 3 inches shorter than I would. We started to play a board game, Monopoly if I remember correctly, I think I was winning when Alice noticed my plastic pants peeping out of my shorts. At first I had no idea what was happening, Alice just started to laugh, I looked at her, she was staring down at my shorts. I looked down knowing what I was about to see, sure enough from where I was looking you could see my plastic pants sticking out, so Alice sitting on the other side had a birds eye view of what I was wearing. She said, ‘Tony do you wear diapers during the day now, as well as at night, you must be the world’s oldest baby.’ With that she leaned over and inserted her finger inside my plastic pants. Her laughs became louder as she pronounced, ‘he’s not only wearing a diaper but it’s soaked as well.’ ‘Let’s go and tell his mom,’ she went on to say. Off she scampered into the sitting room where mom and Auntie Janice were talking. I could not here what was being said but only a few minutes later mom walked into the spare room with a clean diaper. Right there in front of them all she changed me, I closed my eyes as the laughs became squeals, from Alice mostly, though I am sure the other kids were laughing pretty loudly as well. As mom was changing me she was explaining to the other kids that I had started to wet my pants during the day some time ago, and now I needed to wear diapers during the day, as well as at night. Mom did not bother putting my shorts back on, I had to carry on playing the game sitting in a diaper and plastic pants. Once we had finished our game aunt Janice announced that it was time for them to leave, not long afterwards they had gone much to my relief. Mom changed me before bedtime and sent me off to bed, it was around seven thirty I think. Mom said it was a school day tomorrow, so I had to go to bed early, I was in no mood to argue.

The next morning mom got me up and took me down for breakfast, after which she removed my PJ’s, and wet diaper and sent me up for a shower. I dried off and returned to my bedroom, I could not believe my eyes as laid out on my bed were a disposable diaper and a pair of my plastic pants. Before I could utter a word mom told me that my teacher had wrote to her and asked for me to wear some sort of protection to school, until my pants wetting ceased or abated somewhat. It was then that I remembered the letter my teacher had given me on Friday. I started to cry as mom lifted and placed on top of the diaper. ‘Its no use crying Tony, stop wetting your pants like a baby and there will be no more diapers,’ she said. ‘Until that time you will have to wear one to school every day, UNDERSTAND!’ I started to cry as the diaper was being taped in place, mom reached over and got hold of my pacifier and put it into my mouth. ‘Now shut up with that crying, suck on that instead,’ she said. And added, ‘any more of that and I will send you to school with it in your mouth,’ I soon stopped crying. Mom finished with the diaper, and had me stand up so that she could put on my plastic pants. She then left me to put on the rest of my school uniform. I was fastening the buttons on my shirt when I noticed my reflection in the mirror. A nearly eleven-year old boy putting on his school shirt, with a diaper and plastic pants that protruded from the hem of his school shirt, I very nearly burst into tears again. Mom returned to my room holding a pair of obviously new school shorts she informed me that they were of a larger size, so as to hide my diaper somewhat. She handed me the shorts and I pulled them up over the diaper, my plastic pants puffed up at the back as I pulled them up making them protrude over the waistband of my shorts. Mom tucked them back in and then left me to finish dressing. I looked in the mirror and the diaper bulge was clearly evident to me, though the larger shorts did indeed hide it a little. My school blazer was long enough to hide the bulge a bit more, though I was convinced each and every other child would notice.

Mom handed me my school bag as we left our house and headed for the car. She told me that there was a letter for my teacher right at the top of my bag, great I thought, what now? She dropped me outside the school gates and told me to go straight to class and hand the letter over to my teacher. For once I did as I was told, I wanted to spend as little time in the playground as possible knowing that I had that dreaded diaper under my shorts. Once inside the classroom I unfastened my bag, there seemed to be more inside than usual but I didn’t take much notice as I could only see my folders and books. Miss graham read the letter as I stood in front of her, I noticed that she seemed to be smiling as she did so. Very soon the bell sounded and all the other kids came clambering into the classroom. This was my last year at junior school so I was one of the older children attending, next year I would move on to secondary school, which was about six miles away. Miss Graham was our class teacher and taught us all subjects, from ABC’s through to Phys Ed. This was common practice during junior school, next year it would be a different teacher for every subject, however once again I digress.

The first lesson of the morning was mathematics, which I actually enjoyed; Miss Graham used the blackboard to explain the morning’s task, which from memory I think was Algebra, once everybody seemed to understand she gave us some examples to solve. For me the time passed quickly enough and soon the bell sounded for morning break. For me this was the first big test, as we all had to go outside into the playground. I expected all the kids to notice my diaper bulge instantly but was surprised that no one seemed to notice. My diaper felt a little heavy between my legs and I knew that I had wet it, what if it leaked I thought, what THEN! The bell sounded and we all drifted back to the classroom. The second lesson was Art which I was hopeless at, but did not mind the subject. We all had to wear aprons for this, which was good for me, an extra layer of clothing to cover my shorts made me feel a bit more confident that nobody would notice my diaper bulge. The lunch time bell sounded and we packed away the paint and brushes etc, before once again exiting to the playground. As I was walking towards the door Miss Graham asked me to come over, I stood there whilst she waited for all the other kids to go outside. She then said, ‘Tony please follow me.’ She picked up my school bag and headed for the door, I followed wondering what was going on. I soon found out.

We arrived at the front office and I followed her through and to the rear of it. This I knew was the sick room as I had been there last year when I grazed my knee in the playground. The windows were opaque; you could discern shapes through them but couldn’t actually see what was going on, thankfully. Miss Graham removed my blazer and asked me to jump up and lie on the bed, which was somewhat like a hospital bed with a plastic cover. I had a feeling what was to happen next, and I wasn’t wrong. I lay there as she unfastened my shorts and slid them down to my ankles, of course exposing my diaper and plastic pants. My face became hot, and I knew I was blushing. The absolute shame of my teacher seeing my diaper and plastic pants was unexplainable from that day to this. The only thing I could think of doing was to close my eyes and hope it was all a dream, unfortunately for me it wasn’t. Miss graham told me that my mother had asked her to check if I was wet each and every lunchtime, she seemed to take great delight on informing me that I was in fact not just wet, but soaked on this occasion. She was very adapt at changing diapers it seemed, she expertly took hold of my ankles with one hand and lifted up my legs, whilst slipping down my plastic pants with the other. Soon she had the soggy one off and was fumbling inside my school bag, I opened my eyes long enough to see that from the bottom of my bag she produced a clean diaper and a large bottle of baby powder, all of which I recognized. It became clear to me now what the extra bulk in my school bag actually was. Soon she had the clean diaper taped up and my plastic pants securely in place. She lifted me down and left me to pull up my shorts and put on my blazer. ‘All done,’ she announced, ‘now isn’t that better than peeing your pants and wetting the classroom floor, in front of all your classmates?’ Personally I did not think so, but who was I, I did not have any say in the matter. We left the sick room; I went out to the playground while Miss Graham returned my school bag to the classroom. Again I was pleasantly surprised that non-of the other kids seemed to notice the diaper bulge, though I did not play any games just in case. I was at least thankful that mom had bought me the baggy shorts, maybe I could get away with it until mom let me wear underwear again.

Of course my luck could not hold out forever.

From then on the procedure did not change, Miss Graham would take me to the sick room at lunch-times to change my usually wet diaper, only on a couple of occasions was I found to be dry. After a few days some of my friends started to ask why I had to go to the sick room all the time, I told them that I was sick and had to take some medication. What type of sickness one of them asked, of course as an eleven year old I had no idea what type of sickness I could have, that required a visit to the sick room every lunch time. Looking back, I suppose that by lying I had made some of them suspicious. At the time however I thought I had got away with it. During the middle of my second week wearing diapers to school my whole world came tumbling down. It was lunchtime and as usual Miss Graham was changing another wet diaper when there was a knock at the sick room door. ‘One moment please,’ she said, luckily she had just finished pulling up my plastic pants. The knock became more insistent as I was frantically trying to get my shorts back up over the diaper and plastic pants. Phew, just managed it in time I thought as the sick room door flew open. It was one of the younger kids, whose face was covered in blood. I found out later he had fallen off the school wall and landed on his nose. I beat a hasty retreat as all the attention was now focused on the little boy with the bloody nose.

As this was my second week wearing diapers to school, and as yet no one had noticed the diaper bulge, I was becoming confident that no one would ever find out.

How wrong I was.

It had been a hot day, I had removed my blazer before lunchtime, and it was still hung over the back of my chair in the classroom. I had been back in the playground for only a few minutes when I heard some children laughing, my heart sank as I turned and realised that it was me they were laughing at. I knew at once what it must be. I reached around behind me and felt at the waistband of my shorts. Sure enough there was a bulge of plastic sticking out of the top. In my haste to pull my shorts in the sick room I had failed to tuck in my plastic pants properly. I quickly tried to tuck them in, but the damage was done. One boy who was in my class shouted out, ‘HEY EVERYBODY OVER HERE, THE BABY IS WEARING PLASTIC PANTS!’ I hung my head in shame as many children gathered around to gloat. Another kid, I have no idea who it was, came over and patted my bottom and he said. ‘NOT ONLY IS HE WEARING PLASTIC PANTS, HE’S WEARING A DIAPER AS WELL.’ All the kids that were gathered around seemed to be laughing at once. I was shattered now the whole school would know I was a diaper wearer and not only at night but during the day as well. As I stood there I could feel the diaper becoming heavy between my legs; I soon realised that I was wetting myself in the school playground in front of everybody. I ran inside to my classroom with the resounding sound of laughter coming from the playground. Miss graham was sitting at her table; it looked like she was marking some papers. She noticed my distress immediately and asked me what was wrong. I told her that the other kids had seen my diaper and so I begged her to take it off. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and said,’ Tony you are wearing that diaper for good reason, you know full well that if I take it off you will wet your pants in class again.’ ‘I am afraid you will just have to get used to the teasing, until you stop acting like a baby, wetting yourself and all, sorry Tony that’s how it is, so you had better get used to it. I sat down at my desk and I could not stop the tears, they were slowly running down my cheeks and off my chin onto my desktop. Soon the bell sounded and the rest of my class returned to their places, there was much whispering and sniggering coming from all directions. Miss Graham looked up and noticed what was going on, so she announced. ‘Alright children, enough of that!’ Tony has a problem which by now I suppose you all know about, I do not want any of you to tease him about it, if I catch any of you doing so there will be trouble, mark my words.’ This made me feel only slightly better, I knew that no matter what Miss Graham said the ridicule would never stop once we were out of her sight.

The rest of the day seemed to take forever for me, but eventually the bell sounded for home time. I sat at my desk for ten minutes or so, so as to lessen the chance of my class mates still being around when I got up to leave. I had to walk home in the afternoons as mom was still at work; she usually did not get home until somewhere near six o’clock. It wasn’t far to walk, only about a mile and a half or so. Most of the other children had left when I eventually exited the school gates and the ones that were left obviously did not yet know about my diapers as nothing was said. There was one girl from my class still hanging around, Marsha was her name, and she was obviously waiting for somebody. I was surprised by the fact that she was waiting for me. ‘Hi Tony, can I walk home with you,’ she said, I stammered, I sup- suppose so Marsha but why?’ She replied, ‘I don’t really know Tony, I just feel sorry for you that’s all.’ So off we went together, we only lived a few hundred yards from each other, I had seen her around on hundreds of occasions but had never played with her, on her own. On the way she asked me if I wanted to see her house, I was nervous and asked her who would be home. She told me that her mom and dad did not get home until about the same time as my mom, they would be picking up her younger brother from day care on the way, and her sister who was in high school usually hung around with her friends until later.

So I agreed to go with her. Once inside we went to her bedroom, I dropped my school bag in the corner, while she turned on her computer. We played Nintendo for a while, for the first time that day I was actually enjoying myself. Marsha went quiet for a while and first I did not notice, but when I turned I realised she was staring at me. ‘What’s wrong,’ I asked, she did not reply for some time but eventually she asked. ‘Tony, how long have you had to wear diapers?’ I was again brought back to earth, whilst playing I had almost forgotten the diaper between my legs. She noticed my distress and said, ‘Tony I wasn’t trying to be mean, honestly I wasn’t, I’m just interested that’s all.’ I did not answer her, I was too embarrassed, and she went on to say, ‘ok then, if I show you something will you promise not to tell?’ I nodded my head, as if to say go ahead then show me. ‘PROMISE you will not tell ANYONE about this, you have to promise! She said. I promised. Marsha then walked over to her bed and hesitated before pulling back the bed sheets, she then pulled out the sheet covering her mattress. Under the bottom sheet, on top of her mattress was something I was completely familiar with, a plastic sheet similar to the one on my bed. There was silence in the room for some time and eventually Marsha said, ‘you see Tony, I wet the bed sometimes as well.’ ‘I don’t wear diapers or anything, but I do wet my bed.’ This was stunning news to me, as I thought I was the only eleven-year old bed-wetter in the whole world. I must admit it did make me feel a whole lot better. Marsha smiled and said, ’you see Tony, your not the only bed wetter around, I bet there are heaps of kids at our school who still do it. Though I have to admit if mom put ME back in diapers I am sure I would kill myself,’ she has threatened to do so a few times, but thank god she hasn’t done so as yet.

We carried on playing on her computer and a little while later Marsha astounded me by saying, ‘Tony will you let me see your diaper?’ Again there was silence in the room; eventually I asked her why she wanted to see it. ‘I don’t know’, she replied, ‘I just would like to see it that’s all.’ A short time went by when she said, ‘come on, please Tony show me, I promise I won’t laugh, I promise.’ I thought that she was being sincere about not laughing so I stood up and slowly unfastened my shorts, I let go of them and they fell to the floor in a heap around my ankles. Marsha came over and slowly lifted up the bottom of my school shirt exposing my diaper and plastic pants. ‘Wow’ she said, ‘that’s sorta cool in a way.’ She examined my diaper a little more closely and said, ‘Tony I think you are wet.’ I hesitated a while before saying, ‘Yeah I know, I think it happened in the playground when everybody was laughing at me.’

‘Do you have a change with you?’ She asked. As quick as you like she scampered across her room, and before I knew what was happening she was rummaging around in my school bag. I said, ’Hey, what do you think you are doing Marsha,’ That’s private stuff in there.’ It was of course too late by this time, as soon Marsha was holding up a clean neatly folded disposable diaper, retrieved from the very bottom of my school bag. She searched around a bit more and she soon had the bottle of baby powder in her hand. ‘Let me change you,’ she cooed. I could see the excitement in her eyes.’ No way, not a chance in this whole wide world,’ I replied. ‘Come on’ she said, ‘please, pretty please, I really want too, it will be cool.’ ‘Don’t worry about me seeing your Willie, I have seen my younger brother’s hundreds of times,’ she went on to say. My feelings were all mixed up; it was so hard to explain. On the one hand there was NO WAY I wanted Marsha to change my diaper, but on the other hand deep down, it sort of excited me.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I Have NEVER enjoyed wearing diapers and NEVER will, but that particular afternoon must have been one of my experimentation days. It is now, looking back on things, so hard to explain my feelings on that day, I was all mixed up. I have to emphasize that those days did not happen very often, not often at all.

I said, ‘ok Marsha, now you won’t laugh will you?’ She smiled and replied, ‘no Tony I promise I will not laugh, now go and lay down on my bed, ---- please.’ I complied with her wishes, now a good deal more apprehensive than I was just a few seconds ago. Marsha became serious for the moment as though she had been doing this for a long time, she smiled as she slipped my plastic pants over the wet diaper and pulled them down to my ankles. Soon Marsha had the tapes of my diaper undone and I instinctively raised my bottom to allow her to remove it. She disappeared for the moment, soon returning with a warm flannel, presumably from their bathroom. She proceeded to wipe around my diaper area, I noticed that she paid special attention to my small penis and almost non-existent scrotum. Again I raised my bottom as Marsha attempted to slip the clean diaper underneath me, ‘good boy,’ I heard her whisper. She taped up the diaper making sure that it was a nice tight fit around my waist and hips and then my plastic pants were sliding back up my thighs and over the bulk around my nether regions. Marsha took hold of my hands and pulled me up so that I was standing by her bed, she than inspected her handy-work making sure all the loose edges of the diaper were securely tucked inside the plastic pants. Once finished she said to me, ‘now does that not feel a whole lot better Tony, to be wearing a nice dry diaper instead of that soggy wet one I have just taken off?’ I nodded my head in agreement, we then both smiled at each other, I must admit just then I felt strangely emotional. Marsha came close and kissed me on the cheek, the first time that a girl my age had done so, except when I was a baby, or maybe I should say when I was of real baby age. Marsha then picked up my shorts and had me step into them, to keep from over balancing I had to place my hands on her shoulders not unlike a real baby.

Marsha was really on a roll now; I went back to playing Nintendo while she went to search through one of her dressing table drawers, what for I was soon to find out. I ignored her for a while and concentrated on killing the aliens or what ever. Soon I felt her hand brush my cheek form behind me and next there was the familiar soft nipple pushing against my lips, I knew instinctively that it must be a baby’s pacifier. I was startled and turned around suddenly; I was about to really tell her off, then noticed that Marsha was also sucking a pacifier. I opened my lips and allowed her to place the pacifier in my mouth. I use one of these when I have had a really bad day she mumbled, the pacifier making the words almost unrecognizable. We played Nintendo for another hour or so then I realised what the time was. I took the pacifier from my mouth and told it was about time for me to go home. She removed hers and said, ‘This was great, can we do it again sometime soon, maybe tomorrow?’ I told her that I had enjoyed myself too and that I also thought it was a good idea to do it again, though maybe not so soon as tomorrow. I was in the process of handing back the pacifier she had lent me, when Marsha said, ‘you can keep that one if you like, I have another couple in my drawer.’ It was out of my mouth before I could stop it, when I replied, ‘its alright Marsha, I have some of my own at home.’ Marsha just smiled and escorted me to her front door.

It was three weeks until the end of term and the glorious summer break, seven whole weeks of holidays. Unfortunately for me I had to go through a great deal of pain and suffering before the holidays arrived. Most of the kids at school would not let me forget what I was wearing beneath my shorts; they were relentless in their quest to make me feel like the school freak. Marsha became my close friend and stood up for me at every opportunity, but she could not be around all the time. Sometimes I just had to put up with ridicule from the other children, I begged mom to let me go to school with normal under wear beneath my shorts, unfortunately my pleas fell on deaf ears. It was obvious that she was to make me wear diapers to school until the end of term, no matter if I was wet or dry.

One particular abhorrent day I was walking down the corridor at lunchtime when I noticed a bunch of girls from my class talking outside the girl’s lavatories. I was on my way to the sick room to meet with Miss graham, for my now normal lunchtime diaper check. I knew I had wet my diaper again as I could feel it sagging inside my shorts, on this particular day it felt heavier than normal. I must have wet myself more than just the once. As I was walking passed them, Christine Smith grabbed me by the arm and started to drag me towards the lavatory door. Soon several more girls were helping her, I could not resist and soon I was standing inside the girl’s toilets. They formed a semi-circle around me and Christine said to all, ‘well girls I wonder if the baby is wet today, shall we find out, what do you think?’ Some of the other girls said in unison, ‘yes lets, lets find out shall we.’ With that Catherine darted forward, and started trying to undo the buttons of my shorts several of the others grabbed my arms and held them securely, I could not move there was too many of them. As was the usual of late instead of trying to fight them, I started to cry instead. My shorts were soon around my ankles exposing my babyish state for all to see, next to join my shorts were the plastic pants, leaving only the very wet diaper around my waist. The disposables mom bought had a wetness indicator running around the middle from the front to the back. I looked down knowing what I was about to see, the wetness indicator was smudged beyond recognition and the original white diaper material was now a light yellow in colour. The diaper now free of the restraining plastic pants was sagging with the weight and starting to fall from my waist. It did not help matters from the girl’s point of view, that I tried in vain to pull it back up. They were now all in hysterics, laughing and pointing at my babyish state. Christine again grabbed me and pulled me to the floor, while some of the other girls took hold of and searched my bag. I knew what they were looking for and closed my tear stained eyes and waited for what was about to happen. They had obviously been planning this for some time, as while my diaper was being removed I felt the familiar soft nipple push against my lips, only it wasn’t a pacifier this time but a baby bottle. I heard one of them say, ‘drink up now baby, you know its good for you.’ The nipple was forcibly pushed between my lips and into my mouth, I knew that it was no use fighting so I just started to suck on the bottle, just like a baby, as the story was recounted in the playground later. My wet diaper was removed and replaced with a clean one though I recall that the changing was not done in the tender fashion that either my mom or Marsha did it. My plastic pants were being replaced about the same time I finished the baby bottle. The girls left me to pull up my own shorts, as they were on their way out I heard Christine say, ‘same time tomorrow baby, there’s no need for Miss graham to do it anymore, we can change you just as well, if not better than she can.’ After lunch Miss Graham took me to one side and asked me why I did not turn up for my diaper to be checked, or changed. I told her that I knew I was dry so I did not bother to go to the sick room. She was not happy and told me that I should not waste her valuable time. I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if the girls were going to carry out their threat.

I walked home with Marsha that day, she had heard what had happened during lunch, she told me that I was to stick by her side the following day and she would try and protect me. That at least made me feel a little bit better. We called in at her house again that day, Marsha admitted that she had wet her bed the previous night, I told her that she should try wearing diapers to bed. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘Tony there is no way I will wear a diaper to bed’, though I did sense that she was a least thinking about it.

The following day Miss graham whisked me off to the sick room, as morning class was finishing, so the girl’s did not get a chance to carry out their threat. I was once again wet and Miss Graham changed me into a clean diaper for the afternoon. The girls did not do anything the next day, so I presumed that they had forgotten about it. Two weeks went by and things carried on as normal, if you can call wearing diapers to school when you are eleven years old normal. That afternoon Marsha’s mom turned up at school to pick her up, Marsha told me they were going to visit her grandmother, as she was sick. So after the final bell of the day I set off walking home on my own, I was reasonably happy, as it was now only three more days until the summer holidays. I took a short cut through a small wooded area on the way home; it was only about ½ a mile or so through the wood but it took quite a distance off the overall journey. I was walking along, daydreaming I suppose when I thought I heard whispering. Before I knew what was happening two boys came out from behind and tree and stood on the path in front of me. ‘Ok diaper boy, drop your pants and lets see them,’ one of them said. I turned to run but there were three more boys behind me, I couldn’t do anything, I just stood there and waited to see what would happen. The same boy said, ‘ did you hear me!’ ‘Drop those pants right now diaper boy, or you are going to be very sorry.’ I had no choice so I complied. I undid the button holding up my shorts, undid the zipper and pulled them down over the bulk of my diaper. They dropped to the ground around my ankles leaving my diaper and plastic pants in plain view. One of the boys came over and pushed me, the shorts around my ankles prevented me from keeping my balance and I fell over, hitting the ground with a thud. The same boy quickly grabbed my shorts and pulled them over my shoes, then they all ran off laughing. I stood up and then the realization hit me, I would have to go the rest of the way home with my diapers in plain view. It seemed like the longest walk or mainly run of my life, though it was only about ¾ of a mile.

Mom was home early that particular day, she saw me as I ran in through the door tears streaming down my face. I ran into her arms and she hugged me to her bosom, telling me that everything would be all right. Through my sobs I told her what had happened, she took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom, ‘your diaper is wet, you need a change,’ she said. As mom was changing me she told me that I need not go back to school for the end of the term and that she would ring my teacher and inform her I was sick.

During the end of school break mom made an earnest effort to get me dry, she would remove my diaper in the morning after breakfast and sit me on the toilet. I was to stay there for at least an hour and try my hardest to pee and poop. Mom would repeat this twice more during the day, even though she kept me diapered at this time the toilet training seemed to be working. Mom was pleased that my diaper was dry now more often than not, only during the day though, I still was soaked most mornings. Half way through the break mom put me back in baby trainers and my plastic pants, I only wet them a few more times before she announced that my day time diapering was over. For the first time in ages I was put back into normal underwear, I was so very pleased with myself, I thought at last my worries were over.

The following year at school was not too bad in the later part. I was still called names such as nappy boy, or baby for a few months but being that I no longer wore them or wet my pants the taunts eventually went away. Though still diapered each and every night, life did not seem as bad as that last year at school. Once when I was 13 Mark, Alice and Kate came to stay with us for a few days whilst there mother was on some sort of seminar or something. By this time Mark would have been 9, and the twins 10 years old. Mom was of course pleased that I had stopped wetting during the day but that did not alter the fact I was still wet most mornings. So on the first night of their stay mom told Mark and myself to go up for a shower, around 7.30 or so. I complained that I was 3 years older than the girls, so why did I have to bathe first with Mark the youngest. Mom straight away replied, ‘that is to give me time to get you diapered for the night Tony!’ ‘The girls can have their shower later,’ she went on to say. I cringed with embarrassment at that, and wished I had kept my mouth shut .The two girls could hardly contain themselves, both started to laugh and Kate said, ‘don’t tell me HE IS STILL IN DIAPERS!’ ‘He is 13 years old for goodness sake.’ Mom replied, ‘Yes I am afraid so Kate, I don’t know whether he will ever stop wetting the bed.’ I wanted this conversation to end, so I complied with mom’s request and went with Mark to the bathroom to take a shower. Mom followed us and told us to get in together, our shower was quite large easily big enough for the two of us. Once we had finished and dried off mom stripped away our towels and led us to my bedroom, where Mark was to sleep. I had noticed during our shower together that even though I was 4 years older than mark his dick was larger than mine, by quite some margin. I looked down at mine it was no bigger than the end of my thumb, it looked as if it was ready to disappear inside of me. Mom told Mark to get his pyjamas on, while mom laid me on my bed on top of the disposable nappy. Mark could not keep his eyes off me as mom applied the powder and diaper rash cream to my nether regions. Very soon the diaper was securely taped around my body and mom was pulling on my plastic baby pants. Once finished mom told me to get my pyjamas on and said, you two can then come back to the lounge room and watch some TV before bedtime. I quickly pulled up my bottoms to cover up the offending diapers, and then pulled on my top. Mom came over it was then that I noticed she had one of my pacifiers in her hand, soon it was pinned to my pyjama top and the nipple was pushed between my lips. I received the usual warning, ‘do not remove it, you know what will happen if you do!’ We then returned to the lounge room to watch TV, as instructed. I would have gladly got into bed right then, to save the inevitable embarrassment I would receive in the lounge room. There were a couple of sniggers as I entered the room but it soon ended, by now I supposed they were used to seeing me in diapers again. Very soon it was 8.30; the girls had not even had their shower when mom disappeared into the kitchen. I heard the fridge open and a short time later the sound of our microwave oven; I knew what was coming. As I thought, mom returned with my baby bottle, and asked Kate if she would like to feed me, of course Kate agreed to do so. Mom instructed me to go and lie down on the sofa between the 2 girls. I did so to save any adversity. Kate removed my pacifier and replaced it with the baby bottle on which I instinctively started to suck. After it was finished mom said to me, ‘bedtime Tony, off you go now, I will be up shortly to tuck you in.’ Kate inserted my pacifier as I was about to get up of the sofa. I looked back at the 3 younger children, who were all engrossed in watching TV and drinking soda, while I crept off to bed like a baby. I was 13 years old and it was only just after 8.30pm.

I awoke the following morning to the usual soggy mush between my legs; I didn’t even bother to check inside my diaper, I knew it was wet. A little later mom came to get us up, I was hoping that the soda Mark had drunk the previous evening would have made him wet the bed, of course this was only a pipe dream on my part, Mark was dry. We went down for breakfast still dressed in our nightclothes, by the way in which my diaper was sagging informed all that it was wet, but Kate, being Kate asked me any way. ‘Tony, did you wet your diddee again last night?’ I did not reply, so she asked me again, ‘well did you wet yourself or not?’ This time I meekly replied yes. ‘What did you say Tony, I didn’t quite hear you.’ ‘YES,’ I replied, ‘if you must know my diaper is wet.’ ‘That’s better,’ she said, ‘now we can all hear you, BABY!’ Of course they were by now all laughing at me again. I started to cry. Mom came into the dining room carrying a breakfast tray full of cereals, toast, jam and marmalade etc. She noticed I was sobbing, ‘Tony why are you crying?’ She said. I blubbered, ‘They were teasing me,’ ‘what for,’ she asked. ‘Well it… it was about….’ ‘Your wet diaper I suppose,’ she interrupted. ‘Yes,’ I submissively said. ‘Well that’s because you are still wetting your bed like a baby, what do you expect.’ Tears were by now rolling down my cheeks and onto the table. ‘If you don’t stop that sobbing right now young man, then I will put you back in diapers during the day as well,’ she yelled. This made me sob all the harder; I just could not help it. ‘Right,’ she said, ‘I have just about had enough of you.’ She came over to my side of the table and pulled me up by the ear and frog marched me back to my bedroom. Once there she yanked down my pyjama bottoms and gave me a few swats on the back of my legs, my sobbing intensified to a wail. She placed my changing mat upon my bed and pushed me down onto it. ‘NO, Noooooo,’ I wailed. ‘Please, please, I don’t wear diapers during the day any more, please don’t do this.’ Without saying a word, she pulled down my plastic pants until they were bunched up around my ankles and undid the tapes of my disposable diaper. She then grabbed my ankles and lifted them up over my shoulders so that the wet diaper could be removed; it was soon replaced with a clean one. Powder and cream were applied and the clean diaper fastened in place. Back up my legs went the plastic pants; up over my thighs and back into the position they had so recently occupied. She removed my pyjama top, while I stood there crying. Mom selected my clothes from my drawers, she choose on of my most babyish looking tee shirts. It was years old but still fit me, it was yellow in colour and had cartoon motifs over the front. There was Bugs bunny, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Roadrunner and others I cannot remember. The shorts were also yellow but were tight not unlike bike pants. She pulled on the Tee shirt and shorts, the tightness of the shorts exhibiting the bulge of my diaper for all to see. I looked at my reflection in dressing table mirror; I looked just like a 13-year-old baby. The outline of the diaper bulge was unmistakable; you could even see the outline of the elasticized legs of my plastic pants. Mom took hold of my hand and led back to the dining room the children took one look at me and burst out laughing. ‘Welcome back baby,’ said Alice, ‘you look so very cute,’ she went on to say. Mom said, ‘ you two girls look after him for me, I have to slip out to the shops for a while.’ ‘Well do that,’ both the girls chimed. ‘We will look after him alright,’ Kate repeated.

Not long after mom had left for the shops, Kate announced that we were also going out, ‘to the park,’ she said. ‘No way,’ I said, ‘I am not going any where dressed like this.’ ‘That’s what you think’ was Kate’s reply. ‘If you do not come out with us dressed as you are, I will remove your shorts and drag you out in just your diaper, just you wait and see if I don’t.’ It did not take me long to work out which was the lesser of two evils, so I decided to shut my mouth and comply with Kate’s wishes. The other children disappeared to change, while I was left to ponder what was to happen. Soon they were ready and we all headed for the door, Alice took hold of my hand, I tried to pull away but she held on firmly. ‘Babies hold their mummies hand, when they go out,’ Alice stated. Soon we were all walking down the street towards the park. Unexplainably even though I knew that my diaper bulge was most apparent not all that many people seemed to notice. It was women in the main I suppose it was because they were mothers, and recognized the bulge for what it was. At one stage a few kids who were younger than me noticed my protruding shorts and as we were walking past one of them said, ‘is he wearing a diaper?’ ‘Yes he certainly is,’ replied Alice. The kids about turned and gathered round to stare at my obvious baby state, soon all of them were laughing fit to bust. I hung my head in shame not wanting to look at them and see the ridicule on their faces. They must have had rendezvous to go to, as not long later they resumed their walk. Unfortunately during the derision I had soaked my diaper, I could feel the padding starting to sag around my bottom and the slight itchy feeling on my bum cheeks. Thankfully the girls had not brought a diaper change with them. We went over to the swings and Kate insisted that I seated myself in one of the saddles. The three of them took turns in swinging me, if it hadn’t been for the bulging diaper between my legs, it would have been enjoyable. (Though no 13 year-old boy would have admitted it.) Not long later they tired of the game and decided it was time to return home. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that the park trip was over, or so I thought. Whilst walking home again with Alice firmly holding my hand, we saw two girls about my age coming in the opposite direction. By the look on their faces even from a distance, it was obvious they had noticed my diaper bulge. As it was now very wet the swell in my shorts would have been even more pronounced. As if on queue the girls stopped once we approached. One of the two girls asked Alice if I was wearing a diaper, Alice replied in the affirmative. ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘he is wearing a diaper, and by the look of it, it’s also wet.’ ‘Lets check shall we,’ she went on to say. Without the slightest warning she knelt down in front of me and yanked down my shorts, leaving them bunched around my ankles. She expertly inserted her fingers in the waistband of my plastic pants and pulled them down also. The telltale blue wetness indicator in the middle of the diaper was smudged in several places confirming Alice’s statement that I was wet. The two girls stared in astonishment at my diapered state, and then they started to laugh and point. ‘Oh, look at the liddle baby, he’s wet his diddies,’ one of them said. ‘The widdle baby needs to go to mama, to get his diapers changed,’ said the other. I started to cry whilst bending down to pull up my own plastic pants and shorts and pull them over my soaked diaper. ‘Lets go home and get the baby changed, shall we,’ said Alice. The other kids agreed and off we went leaving the two strangers still laughing out loud. ‘Bye bye baby,’ one of them shouted, as we departed.

When we arrived home mom had already returned from her shopping trip and, Alice immediately informed her that my diaper was wet. I was frog-marched to my bedroom, Mark turned on the television while Alice and Kate followed closely on our heels. They obviously liked to witness my acute discomfort as mom laid me on my bed and proceeded to change me out of my wet diaper. I begged mom to let me wear regular underwear for the remainder of the day, but she would have non-of it, mom was obviously in a bad mood. Very soon I was dressed in a clean diaper and plastic pants. I spent the remainder of the day in only a tee shirt, diaper and plastic pants, much to the amusement of the three children.

The following morning mom relented and I was allowed to wear my underpants again during the day. I think that Alice and Kate were rather disappointed at that turn of events.

I was to wear diapers to bed for another year and a half or so, I was fourteen and a half years old when for the first time in my life I went to bed not wearing a diaper. I had been mostly dry for 3 months or more, just the occasional accident, maybe once a fortnight at the end of the 3-month period. Mom was obviously pleased, and said that as long as I stayed dry, I would no longer wear diapers to bed. She packed up all my baby attire in boxes but to my surprise instead of discarding them, she took them up to the attic and stored them there. ‘You never know,’ she told me. I on the other hand was determined never to have to wear diapers ever again. How wrong I was.


I finished high school at sixteen years of age and did well enough to go onto college. As I said earlier the village where I was brought up was small and many miles from the college I was to attend. Mom arranged for me to board with my auntie Janice. Recollections of my shame and humiliation in front of this family made me shudder with the memory. I told mom that I wanted to stay elsewhere and of course she knew why, she was one of the instigators of my misery. However we did not have a lot of money and mom persuaded me that everything would be fine now that I no longer wet the bed. This statement was not quite true as I had been having the occasional accident of late, but had managed to hide the evidence. Mom had desisted in checking my bed each morning and I had retrieved my mattress protector from the attic and secretly put it back on my bed. Every morning I would remove the plastic sheet and hide it in the bottom of my wardrobe. If my sheets were wet I would bundle them up then wash and dry them in the afternoon before mom came home from work. To date I had not yet been caught out. I calmed myself by remembering that it had only happened twice this last month, and surely it would clear up altogether now I had turned sixteen.

I moved to Auntie Janice’s house a few days before my first term began, so that I could settle in. I was really nervous about the coming year, a new town, new school and trying to make new friends this I am sure all contributed to my undoing. The three children Mark who was now 12 and the twins Alice and Kate who were 13, were happy it seemed on my arrival. However Alice did ask me quietly whether I still wet my bed, I told her that I had outgrown that particular trait. This of course was a little lie but how would she know, I thought. All went well for the first few weeks; I did not have an accident once during that time though I did catch Auntie Janice checking my bed for wetness one morning. I concluded from this that she must have been checking it every day once I had left the house for class.

Homework was gruesome, once class was finished the lecturer for every subject would assign work to do at home. It sometimes would take me many hours to complete the tasks at night. I began to fall behind and could not manage to complete all the work before I fell asleep. This I concluded later was also a compensating factor for my increasing nervousness, along with the complete new environment.

During my fourth week I wet the bed. I was horrified when I awoke in the morning to find my pyjamas soaked up to my chest and down to my knees. Not only were my PJ’s soaked, the mattress did not have any protection, and that had a massive wet patch almost from top to bottom.

The house was bedlam each and every morning with four kids all trying to get ready for school at the same time. I contemplated trying to hide the evidence but there was no chance of being able to get to the laundry without discovery. I thought about feigning illness, but I had an important test to attend that morning and could not afford to miss it. ‘Damn, Damn, Damn’ I thought what should I do. There was no other alternative but to go to school and face the consequences later. I screwed up my sopping pyjamas and tucked them under my bed, then I pulled up the bed covers in an attempt to try and hide the evidence. If Auntie Janice did not inspect my bed today, maybe I could do something about it later. I showered, dressed and left for class as usual. On occasions during the day my mind would wander and I worried what Auntie Janice would say if she discovered my nocturnal accident.

Once classes had finished for the day I made my way home; I was the first of the children to arrive as we only had one subject in the afternoon. Aunt Janice was doing some laundry when I arrived home; it did not take a lot of working out just what she was washing. She turned around when I opened the door and asked, ‘what happened?’ What, what do you mean I stammered.’ ‘Well you pissed the bed last night that’s what I mean, and you have ruined a nearly new mattress.’ ‘Surely it’s not ruined completely Auntie Janice, it can be dried can’t it?’ She turned around and honestly, if looks could kill etc, etc. She said, ‘right Tony, here are the rules in this house, its just like committing a felony, three strikes and you are out, GOT IT!’ I didn’t get it but I nodded my head anyway, I did not want to receive any more verbal abuse. She told me to go and get the pissy mess and put in out in the sun to dry. I did so without question, whilst retrieving the mattress I pondered what she meant by three strikes and your out? I presumed that she meant I would have to move out if I wet the bed twice more. This if mom could have afforded it would have been the perfect solution, unfortunately mom did not have the money, I would have to get a part time job I thought.

The other three children all arrived home together, Kate was first to notice the mattress drying in the back yard, and it didn’t take her long to work out that it was off my bed. She had an enormous smile on her face as she confronted me. ‘Well, well she said, I knew it wouldn’t take long before you wet the bed.’ ‘Maybe we should get out your diapers again, what do you think about that?’ I did not have an easy answer, but I mumbled ‘I don’t wear those things any more.’ ‘We shall see,’ said Kate, ‘we shall see.’ Later that evening I heard Auntie Janice on the phone, I could not hear exactly what she was talking about but I worked out that she was talking to mom. I expected my aunt to call me to the phone to speak to her, but was surprised when I was not asked to do so. Once my homework was finished I went down to watch a little television before I went up for my shower.

Auntie Janice had a pretty strict regime in the evenings, especially on school days. Mark being the youngest would be told to go for a shower first, around about 7.00pm, he would return dressed in his PJ’s to watch some TV. At 8.00pm Aunt Janice asked the girls to go for their shower, when they had finished they also returned in their PJ’s and settled themselves down in front of the television set. Mark was made to go to bed at 8.30, 9.00pm on weekends, there was usually some altercation with his mom, every night he complained that it was too early to go to bed for a 12 year old. I thought so as well, but never voiced my opinion. The girls were allowed to stay up until 9.30 on school days and between 10.00 and 11.00 o’clock on weekends, this depended on Aunt’s mood at the time. As for myself I was allowed to shower and retire at basically any time I pleased. Well at this particular point in time I was any way. At around ten o’clock or so, I went for my shower and decided that as I was pretty tired I would go straight to bed. I had replaced the mattress on my bed earlier, once it was dry. I had left the bed bare as Aunt Janice said she would make it up later. When I had finished showering I returned to my room and put on a pair of pyjamas. I crawled under the bed sheets and instantly recoiled in alarm as I felt the old familiar smoothness under the bottom sheet. I wriggled my hand under the edge just to make sure, there was no mistake, Auntie had placed a plastic mattress protector on my bed.

I had three dry nights in a row and then had another nocturnal accident. At least this time there was a plastic sheet on the bed to protect the mattress. I was dismayed to once again awake to soaking wet pyjamas and bedding. There was nothing I could do, I just removed my pyjamas and placed them under the bed sheets. I then showered, dressed and left for class. I returned that afternoon expecting the worst, but was surprised when Aunt Janice never even mentioned it. I expected at least a telling off or to be made to change my bed sheets, but no nothing, nothing at all. I went up to my room and found that my bed had been changed and my pyjamas freshly laundered. Ah well I thought now that there is a protector on the bed, maybe she isn’t going to worry about my accidents. How wrong I was. Another week went by without any wet bedding and then it happened again, another soaking. This time I didn’t worry about the consequences especially as there was nothing said the last time. I went to class as normal, looking forward to the weekend, being as it was a Friday. I returned home after classes not really think about what had happened last evening and wasn’t surprised when Aunt Janice never mentioned my wet bed, well not at first any way. I went up to my room to put away my bag and again noticed that the bed had been changed. I got changed and returned the kitchen to get myself a soda. Once I had poured a glass Aunt Janice turned to me and said out of the blue, ‘do you remember what I told you about 3 strikes, and your out?’ I was brought back to earth with a bump; I just nodded my head in understanding. I thought that did not have a job yet and Aunt was going to kick me out, I had no where to go only home to mom. She would be furious having spent so much money on college, and not I was not even able to finish the first term. My Aunt told me to go and watch TV and we would talk about it later. I thought, hoped actually that she was going to give me one more chance. I settled down on the sofa, all the time worrying about my future. Mark, Kate and Alice were already home and were watching some girly nonsense on the television. I did not complain, as I wanted at that stage to remain as unobtrusive as possible. We ate dinner late afternoon and settled down to watch television for the evening, on Fridays I would not force myself to do homework, I usually left it until later in the weekend. I wondered when Auntie planned to talk to me about the ‘three strikes.’

As usual at about 7.30pm Aunt told Mark to go up for his shower, she then surprised me by saying, ‘Tony you can go up as well.’ When she saw the look of bewilderment on my face she added, ‘RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN, ARE YOU HARD OF HEARING OR SOMETHING?’ I told her that I wasn’t, and reluctantly got up out of the sofa to go upstairs for a particularly early shower, for me any way. Mark was quicker than I was and was into the shower before I had removed any clothing, I sat on my bed to wait for him to finish. Whilst he was drying off Aunt Janice came into my room and barked at me saying, ‘Hurry up what in heaven are you waiting for, Mark has finished, now get your butt into that shower, NOW!’ I scampered into the bathroom and quickly got into the shower, Mark was just finishing drying himself off at this stage. Aunt Janice came into the bathroom to pick up the wet towels and dirty clothes, Mark’s not mine. I covered up my still somewhat small penis and almost non-existent genitalia, ‘what are you covering up for’ she said, its not like I haven’t seen it all before.’ I slowly lowered my hands and started to bathe with Auntie still looking at me, dressed in only my birthday suite. My penis if at all possible seemed to shrink even more. Eventually my Aunt left the bathroom and left me alone to finish my shower. I dried off and wrapped the damp towel around my waist and returned to my room. I opened my door and was surprised to see Aunt Janice sitting on my bed. What was more surprising was what was laid out next to her; I had no trouble recognising the shape of the disposable diaper and the plastic pants, as I had not so many years ago been wearing them to bed every night. She saw the look on my face and informed me matter of factly that this is what I meant by ‘three strikes and your out!’ ‘I am not going to kick you out Tony, as you might have thought.’ ‘Oh no, I have spoken to your mother and we both feel that this is the best option, now get your butt down on top of this diaper RIGHT NOW!’ She reached over and snatched the towel from around my waist, leaving me naked in front of her. Auntie grabbed my wrist and pulled me over and on top of the waiting diaper, I started to sob as the powder and diaper rash cream was being applied. ‘Now stop that crying,’ she said, ‘or I will give you something to cry about.’ Soon the diaper was taped up tightly around my waist and the plastic pants sliding up my legs. She had me stand up to finish pulling up the pants, and spun me around to make sure all the loose edges were tucked in. Auntie then picked up my pyjama top and helped me thread my arms through the sleeves and button it up. She picked up the bottoms but instead of putting them on, she took hold of my hand and proceeded to lead me down the stairs, the pyjama bottoms still draped over her arm. There was complete silence when we entered the lounge room; the three children were dumbstruck at the sight before them. A sixteen-year-old boy dressed in only a pyjama top, a diaper and plastic pants. The shock soon abated however, and the silence was replaced with howls of laughter. Auntie never said a word as she held out the pyjama bottoms for me to step into. Soon I was sat back down on the sofa, the unmistakable bulge of my baby wear evident to all. I hung my head in shame as Mark and the girls ridiculed me unmercifully, with taunts of ‘look at the baby, look at the baby,’ and ‘Tony’s back in diapers, Tony’s back in diddies ringing in my ears. At last the children stopped the taunts and settled down to watch TV, I wasn’t really watching but I pretended to any way. At 8.30pm Aunt Janice said, ‘Tony it’s time for bed,’ on any other occasion I would have argued that it was too early, but not tonight, I could not wait to get out of there. I lifted myself off the sofa and trudged upstairs to bed. Kate gave me one last rejoinder before I left the room. ‘Nighty night baby, sweet dreams,’ she said. The three of them were all sniggering as I departed.

I lay in bed and pondered the day’s events; I wondered how long Auntie would make me wear diapers to bed, maybe just this one night I hoped. Not likely I thought to myself. That was the last thing I could remember until I awoke the following morning. I opened my eyes and had briefly forgotten about what I was wearing, that is until I turned over. I could feel weight of an obviously wet diaper around my loins, it was really heavy I realised I must have wet it more than once during the night. I was just thinking about getting up and where I was going to put the wet diaper when Aunt Janice opened my bedroom door. She came over and sat on the edge of my bed; she pulled back the bed sheets and inserted a couple fingers into the top of my diaper. ‘Well it looks as though it was a good thing that I put you back in diapers, doesn’t it,’ she said. I didn’t answer I was just too ashamed. ‘Come on,’ she said, ‘it’s time to get up for breakfast.’ With that she told hold of my hand and pulled me out of bed. I expected her to remove the soggy diaper, but she had other ideas, soon I was being led downstairs to the dining table. Mark Alice and Kate were already seated when I was led into the room. The drooping mass of a very wet diaper hanging down as far as my plastic pants would allow it was all the children needed to know. It was obvious that my diaper was very wet indeed. ‘Wet are we Tony,’ said Kate, ‘he looks like he’s soaked,’ replied Alice. Mark just sat there and laughed. I sat down at my designated place at the table, and quickly ate my breakfast. Once I was finished I asked Auntie Janice if I could go to my room to change, she told me ‘in a minute.’ Not long later she took me to my room and removed my pyjamas, leaving standing there in only a wet diaper and my plastic pants. Then came the bombshell, Aunt Janice looked me in the eye and said, ‘if you are wet tomorrow morning, I will make you wear diapers during the day, as well as at night.’ And then said, ‘do not think for one minute that I am not serious, if you keep wetting the bed, you will be wearing diapers to college, that much I promise.’

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