I've included some of the many wonderful Adult Baby related web sites that I have stumbled across in my travels. Since they are external to this site, I have no control of their contents, but if you think they are inappropriate for whatever reason, please contact me with your concerns.

Of special interest

  • Sissybaby's Blog - a real sissy AB blogging about herself and things that interest her.
  • Spreizhosen Speading Pants - German site describing Adult Spreading Pants (aka Abduction Pants - usually used in ages 0-9 months).
  • Pampered Penny's Blog - an Infantilism and Diaper Fetish website updated regularly with genuine blog posts.

Personal pages

AB and DL specific links

  • - All your favorite ABDL Adultbaby and Diaperlover Videos
  • Care 4 Baby - an AB/DL/Sissy Ageplay and Adult Baby Community site
  • London ABC (Adult Baby Club) - a chance to meet other ABs in London
  • ADISC - a community site for AB/DL, Teen Babies, incontinent and all in between
  • Wetset AB Forum - a watersports 'zine with great forums
  • RU Padded - a new community site for ABs (tedious registration and login - but free)
  • Bedwetting ABDL - huge site for ABs, DLs, TBs and bedwetters
  • DL Boy - site for gay male DLs (and some ABs, Furry etc)

Story links

  • Daily Diapers - lotsa of stories, pictures and forum posts (updated very often)

Other fun links

  • Kids Fabrics - selling nursery print fabric for making your very own baby clothes
  • Baby Bottle Museum - Vintage baby bottles and nipples (some for sale)
  • Personalise my Dummy - Non-AB shop that provides personalised pacifiers for baby
  • My Dummy - Another non-AB shop that provides personalised pacifiers for baby

If you have an Adult Baby related link that you think I might like to link to, please contact me and I'll take a look. I tend not to link to "link farms".