Big furniture for the Adult Baby in you

I am sure that we have all yearned for adult sized baby furniture at one stage or another - if only to confuse our inner sense of proportion and reinforce the fantasy of really being a baby. I remember the very first time I got to try out a friends Adult Baby Cot... when the sides were pulled right up, I really did feel little and it bought the fantasy more to life for me.

I made my first changing table by combining two kitset dining tables (from Ikea), some dense cushion foam and some waterproof vinyl fabric that I attached directly to the underside of the table using a staple gun. The goal was to make it passable as a massage table for when certain family members visited. I was surprised at how easy it was once it had been completed... and it even comes in handy as an (albeit narrow) bed should the need arise. I will get some photos showing how it turned out and answer any questions you might have.

My next item of adult baby furniture was a beautiful hand-made recycled oak high chair. I saw it for sale on eBay and watched as it was passed in with no bids at all! I got in touch with the owner and we eventually agreed a price. You can see it pictured in the Images section of the site (in the "Newest" gallery). I have been asked to sell this so many times - but I have no interest in doing so.

Whilst the idea of having a cot to sleep in is fine, I can't see it working out very practically with the limited space available. But if I were to get an adult cot - I wouldn't go too far past one of these (actually designed for those with a medical need - but perfect as a large cot). They say they are for children - and support up to 150 kg in some cases - more than enough for me to sleep comfortably.


I have recently been shown some new sites to me. This is another place in the UK that sells adult safety cots and (in my mind at least) beds for big adult babies like you and me:


Keep an eye out in eBay for new furniture - it does turn up from time to time... although not much in the last years.