This section has answers to some of the more common questions that I find myself answering. Please respect that the answers I give are my own opinion.

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What does Anaclitism mean?

The act of achieving adult sexual arousal by activities or objects one was exposed to as an infant. These may include breast sucking, enemas, toilet training, soiled clothing, bondage (womb confinement), spanking, humiliation, biting, nudity or exhibitionism, circumcision, submission, being bathed, nurtured, temper tantrums, wearing infant clothing, or playing with stuffed toys.

What does Infantilism mean?

Generally refers to people who prefer to remain as children and who often have an aversion to their adult bodies, facial, or genital hair, or wearing adult clothing. Some may dress as infants or young children and may prefer to wet the bed at night - requiring that they wear a nappy. Infantilism was popular with the Germans as they used to participate in adult baby balls after Lent.

What defines an adult baby (AB)?

The desire to participate in anaclitism combined with infantilism and the need to seek security from child like objects (including stuffed toys and pacifiers). Add an overall willingness to remain "innocent" and free from responsibility and you have many of the components that are part of an adult baby. Because this is only a part of someone, these components will combine in each person uniquely. Some adult babies don't like messing themselves, others object to spanking or submission... this does not make them any more (or less) an adult baby.

What defines a diaper lover (DL)?

Basically someone who likes to wear nappies (diapers) with or without plastic pants (whether they are medically required to wear nappies or not). They don't necessarily have to use the nappy at all, although many enjoy wetting and/or messing themselves. This often leads to (or extends from) a plastic or rubber pants fetish.

What is a mommy (daddy) to an adult baby?

The role of a caregiver as perceived by the adult baby. This person pays attention to the needs and requirements of the adult baby, makes decisions for them and provides them with a sense of security (in the same way a mother or father would). A mommy is usually a female (and the daddy a male) but this is not always the case.

Can adult babies have normal relationships?

An adult baby, like everyone else, seeks a partner for companionship (at the very least). The kind of relationship that an adult baby is looking for can be rather more specialised and may include the need for a mommy or daddy figure. Many adult babies spend all their time looking for this "perfect" relationship. Others find a partner and explain their desires in time whilst some decide to never share their adult baby desires with their partner. There is no guarantee that a relationship will be successful, and there is no reason that an adult baby should be unable to have a normal relationship.

Is infantilism becoming mainstream?

Society has become more accepting of strange behaviour and alternative lifestyles over the past decade, but to say that infantilism is mainstream would be an overstatement. The introduction (to the masses) of the internet has meant that information about infantilism is more accessable - and that has also served to put adult babies (and friends) in touch with one another.

Disposables or cloth (and plastic pants)?

This seems to be a common question and is often answered by deferring to the type of nappy that the adult baby wore as a child. Whilst this is perfectly valid, many adult babies prefer the look and feel of disposables even though they grew up wearing cloth nappies and plastic pants as a child. Sometimes the choice is based on simply on cost (disposables are a lot more expensive to use regularly than cloth).