Adult Baby shops based in Europe

Where I have purchased (and recommend) a shop, I have marked it with a * symbol.

  • Medisave * - Germany status: good
  • Privatina * - Wonderful age play AB clothes and sleepers status: good
  • AB Shopping - AB clothes from France status: good
  • Adult Baby Shop - Rubber AB clothes and medical equipment status: good
  • Der Nucki Koenig - NUK5 pacifiers, teats and adult pacifier gags status: good
  • EuroDL - Supplier of disposable nappies status: good
  • Grenouilleres - footed-pajamas and overalls for the whole family from France status: good
  • KayserBetten - medical safety beds and cots for children and adults status: good
  • Patapoom & Floopinet - Made to measure Adult Baby clothing - excellent quality status: good
  • TCSB - Great printed PVC pants (and disposables etc) status: good
  • Torture Angel - Rubber Adult Baby clothes status: good